Been awhile since i've updated my blog. How are you guys ? Hope you're all fine and as fit as fiddles. See the title, PAST ? Theres sweet and theres bitter. Mine ? Bitter. 

Go when need, come when forgotten

 So who am i going to talk about ? Someone that I'm just going to call Mr. U to the public. K, honestly I don't know where he got my number from but yeah we've met through the phone. We've met, we became closer & yeah you can guess what happens next. I thought it would be the beginning of us, but NO. I was totally wrong 100%. It was actually the end, for me. After we met, he never call me, text me like he used to after a week saying that he finished the chocolate that I gave to him. Till then, nothing. I mean, like seriously you'd get hurt if someone does that to you right ? Well, same goes to me. Afterward I try my best to forget him by deleting him from my fb friends & phone number. Till one day, when i woke up in the morning i saw a few miss calls from unknown number. I texted saying, "who's this?" and that unknown number kept calling me after the message. I didn't answer and went back to sleep. Today ? Woke up with fb message notification, check to see who it is and I was surprised that it was Mr. U. Then I checked back the unknown number carefully & now i remember who owns that unknown phone number. Oh wow, all my feelings got mixed up together. Almost cried but I quickly went to cheer myself up. Thanks to unknown people & my friends on facebook.

Pssst. What should I do ? Try to communicate back with Mr. U  OR Ignore Mr. U ?

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